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                                                                                                        Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

May and September, 1999
All photos taken with under $10 disposable camera and scanned in HP 6100 scanner at 75 dpi JPEG compressed
Best viewed at 1024 x 768.

Bicycle Repairman
  Dumpling makers
Beijing Acrobatic Theater
Xi'an market
Mah Jongg store
 Xi'an store workers gather for morning exercise
Beijing Street
Downtown Xi'an (bell tower in center)
Bell tower
Forbidden City
Grease recovery vehicle
Xi'an Policeman
Muslim neighborhood in Xi'an
My buddy Xi (aka: Tony)
Bad driver
 Xi'an Muslim neighborhood
 On the train to Xi'an
Art shopping district
Baby carriage and bicycles
Bicycle repair
Bicycle repairman at rest
Tang Dynasty Theater in Xi'an
On the train to Xi'an
Summer Palace repair person
Family near US Embassy
Returning unharmed Embassy workers from Belgrade at Beijing airport
Kid in Forbidden City
 Dentist on Chinese Army Base
Beijing Meat Cleaners
Qian Men Quan Jade Roast Duck Restaurnt (Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Castro ate here)
Duck Carver
Home Improvement
Forbidden City
Beijing street
Forbidden City
Checker Players
Manapua Store

Map of China


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