The Places of the Marshall Islands

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Kwaj Sign Kwajalein Atoll From Air
Unloading Luggage From Plane at Majuro Roi-Namur Atoll From Air
Sharks In Kwajalein Marina Army LCM (mechanized landing craft) used to ferry passengers from Kwajalein to Ebeye
LCM Loads Marshallese on Ebeye Pier Ebeye Water Tank
Wrecked LCM on Ebeye Ebeye Cemetery
Commuter Flight From Kwajalein to Roi-Namur My Wheels For a Day
Roi-Namur Atoll Back Road Inside World War II Japanese Battlement
View Through Blast Hole in Japanese Bunker They Get All The TV Channels
Plaque World War II Japanese Gun

The Infamous Shopping Mecca of Roi-Namur - Gimbels

World War Ii Japanese Bunker




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