Venezuela Vacation
May - June 2001

Caracas From Air

Air Travel to Puerto Ayacuhco, Amazonas, Venezuela

Amazonas Jungle Stream Jack Fruit
Fishing Outing along the Orinoco River Orinoco River
Puerto Ayacucho Church Puerto Ayacucho Church
Caracas Gentlemen Puerto Ayacucho Indian Market
Venezuela Customs Agent at Colombia Border Downtown Caracas
Amazonas Telephone Booth Caracas Gentlemen
Venezuelan Army Chinese Restaurant in Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas
Caracas Street Caracas Street
Puerto Ayacucho Women Our Fine Puerto Ayacucho Hotel
Caracas Mango Stand Bad Driver
Caracas Puerto Ayacucho
Puerto Ayacucho Amazonian Art Amazonas Wildwoman
Jungle Jiang Caracas Woman
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