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June 25-30

Big Island, Hawaii

Youth Leadership Forum 2003 Photo Album
YLF 2003 Photo Album YLF 2004 REGISTRATION

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Questions and Answers

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    Where Will The Training Be Held?     Code of Conduct Form
    When Will The Forum Begin and End?
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    Medical Information Form

    What Are Our Accommodations?  
    What Is The Mission Of The Forum? Adult Staff Responsibilities
    What Are The Goals Of The Forum?
    What Are The Objectives For The Teens? CYS Coordinator's Responsibilities
    Who Is Eligible to Attend?
    What Is My Assignment for YLF? Agenda
    Who Is Paying For This?
    What Are Our Meals? Registration Deadlines
    What Is Planned For The Week?
    What Should I Bring? Youth-Leader-O-Gram
    What Weather Should I Expect?
    Where Do I Call In Case of Emergency? Daily Photo Album
    What If I Have Additional Questions?

YLF 2003 Delegates

YLF 2003 Delegates

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