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U.S. Army Installation Management Agency

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Adult Staff Leadership Responsibilities



        Your role during the Pacific Youth Leadership Forum is first and foremost the safety and supervision of youth.   Spending 24 hours per day in a remote area with youth can be challenging.  You will be expected to maintain a positive attitude and cheerful disposition.


        You are expected to participate fully in events, and will be assigned additional duties during the week.  You will have little to no free time.


        Additional duties will include:


        supervision of teens for all YLF activities

        evening supervision assignments of recreational activities and events

        floor and hall monitoring and supervision

        night time point of contact (sleeping in open bay dorm with youth)

        health issue monitor

        other duties as necessary.


        You will be expected to share meals with the teens, interact, and assist with set up and tear down of activities.


        Your primary supervisory responsibility will be for the youth attending from your installation.   You will be expected to ensure their cooperation and participation in all Forum activities.  However, you will also be required to supervise various youth at different times throughout the week.


        You will act as a mentor and advisor to youth, be a positive role model, and reserve evaluative comments for adults-only.  (No complaining in front of the teens)


        No drugs or alcohol are allowed.  Cigarette smoking must be done out of the view of teens.  If cigarette breaks are taken, they must be done away from the sight of teens and those adults taking them must afford other adults the same time out courtesy.  (whether or not they are smoking)  There will be no more preference away from the group for smokers than for non-smokers.


        You will be expected to present yourself as you would if you were at your installation.  You will be expected to dress modestly and professionally at all times including during hikes and during swimming activities.