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WHERE WILL THE TRAINING BE HELD?  The training will be held at Kilauea Military Camp (KMC) on the island of Hawaii.  (The island of Hawaii shares its name with the whole state.  It is commonly known as the Big Island.)  You will fly into the airport at Hilo.  KMC is actually inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


WHEN WILL THE YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM BEGIN AND END? You should plan your trip so that you arrive on Sunday, 11 July.  You will depart the Big Island no earlier then 4 PM on Friday, 16 July.


HOW DO WE REGISTER?  Complete the online Registration Form (adults and youth), then print out and complete a Medical Information Form and Code of Conduct Form and return them to your Youth Director before  Monday, May 3, 2004.  Youth Directors should fax (DSN 315-438-8666, Comm 808-438-8666) or email scanned (to: all applications to PARO CYS by Monday, 3 May, 2004.  Each attendee must submit the following forms:


       REGISTRATION FORM:  Be sure to complete the entire online form.  There's one for adults and one for youth attendees.


      MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM:  Printout a hard copy of this form.  It must be completely filled out.  There are two different forms:  One for military dependents and one for civilian dependents.   BE SURE ATTENDEES RECEIVE AND COMPLETE THE CORRECT FORM WITH THE REQUIRED INFORMATION.  Return the completed hard copy form to your Youth Director by the deadline.


       CODE OF CONDUCT FORM:  Printout a hard copy of this form.  Be sure both signatures are on the form.  Return the completed hard copy form to your Youth Director by the deadline.


HOW DO I MAKE PLANE RESERVATIONS?   All participants attending from Alaska should do their best to coordinate travel out of Anchorage so that both Fort Wainwright and Fort Richardson participants travel on the same flight out of Anchorage and arrive in Hawaii together.  CYS Coordinators will coordinate with PARO CYS staff for airline reservations and completion of orders.


WHAT ARE OUR ACCOMMODATIONS? We will be housed at KMC.  Accommodations are very rustic for youth and staff.  Males and females will be housed separately in an open bay sleeping arrangement with bunk beds.  There is adequate space for storage of clothing and personal items.  Private shower stalls with an enclosed dressing area are available in a bathroom adjacent to sleeping rooms.       
WHAT IS THE MISSION OF THE YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM?  The U. S. Army goal is to provide youth and their families predictable services.  As youth move from place to place around the globe, the Army would like them to have certain services they can count on wherever they are stationed. Youth participants and staff will review programs that impact predictable services, and come up with recommendations for Youth Services staff, the Installation Command, and the Army community.
















WHAT IS MY ASSIGNMENT PREQUISITE TO ATTENDING YLF?  Each attendee will be given a series of assignments to completed before arriving at YLF.
 WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS? The U.S. Army, Pacific Region will provide funding for the Pacific Youth Leadership Forum.  Conference fees, accommodations, meals and travel will be provided for during regularly scheduled conference activities.  Any meals or travel arrangements made outside of the conference schedule will not be covered by the region.  You will need to bring spending money for any incidentals, mementos, or gifts you would like to purchase.  There is a small General Store at KMC with a limited inventory.
MEALS  Meals will be provided throughout the Forum.  Orders should indicate that government meals will beDessert time!!!! provided except during en route travel.  We will be dining mostly at the KMC Cafeteria, which offers a limited variety of institutional-type meals.   Any special meal accommodations must be noted.
WHAT IS PLANNED FOR THE WEEK?  We have a week of non-stop activities planned for participants.  We will spend time a classroom setting, working in large and small groups.  We will take hikes, play games, eat together and participate in recreational activities.  We will be participating in Character Counts! learning activities and leadership development activities.

Participants should plan on bringing the following items:

____Identification Card

____Tri Care Card/Private Medical Plan Information



____Light Jacket


____Tennis shoes and sandals.  Flip Flops for the beach.

____Sturdy hiking-type shoes and long pants for hikes

____Clothing that can get dirty

____Comfortable Clothing - Plan to bring clothing suited for a variety of weather conditions (shorts, pants, shirts, underclothing, modest bathing suit, etc.)

____Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hair dryers, etc.)

___ Sunscreen/sunglasses 

____Rain Jacket / UmbrellaTeri Gets All Wet!

____Tailored shorts, khaki pants or skirts appropriate for VIP briefing.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT THE WEATHER/CLIMATE CONDITIONS AT KMC TO BE LIKE?  The park has distinct climate zones that vary according to elevation. Visitors should be prepared for a wide range of weather conditions.  During Youth Leadership Forum, you may encounter temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees.  Weather at KMC (4,000' elevation) fluctuates daily and can be rainy and chilly any time of the year. The coastal plain at the end of Chain of Craters Road is often hot, dry, and windy. Bring rain gear, light sweaters or jackets, sturdy shoes, hats, water bottles, sun glasses and high UV factor sunscreen.  (This information is from the National Park Service.)  Check the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park weather here.


WHERE SHOULD I CALL IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY?  The phone number at KMC is (808) 967-8333.  (From the island of Oahu there is a direct dial number 438-6707.)  YLF participants will not be allowed to receive phone calls.  A message for one of the Region staff may be left with the desk.  There will be limited opportunities for youth to call home.

IF I HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS, WHOM SHOULD I CONTACT?  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kris Davis, CYS Youth Specialist at (DSN)/(808) 438-5492, or use this form:



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