Pacific Youth Leadership Forum 2003 Home Page

U.S. Army Installation Management Agency

The United States Army


Non-negotiable guidance



All electronic equipment must be kept snugly in your room.  Cell phones and pagers need to stay home with your parents. 


While on trips off-site, you need to stay in groups of four to have the most fun. (And it’s a rule)


We function as a family (We’ll explain)


You need to wear your gifts of T-shirts each day (Wouldn’t want to be rude!) 


You need to have the following clothing:


Please leave your do rags, advertising baseball hats (bad words, beer ads, etc.), cutoffs, short shorts, baggy/saggy pants, pants with holes, thongs, teeny-weeny bikinis and spandex at home.  Rubber flip-flops (also known as thongs or slippers can be used in the dorm rooms or at the beach only.)  THANKS!


11:00 p.m. lights out, no exceptions (You better be tired by then anyway!!)


Don’t want any SADS at the Youth Leadership Forum (Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking)


Tasteful display of appreciation and affection is okay (Giving hugs, pats on the back, etc.) but in public places only


During off-site time, you MUST be with an adult in your group at all times


Snacks will be eaten outside ‘cause you can’t bring food into the area we’ll be meeting in


Girls rooms are for GIRLS and Boys rooms are for BOYS…strictly enforced!


There will be Youth Leadership Forum Council made up of the following individuals to deal with anyone who breaks any of “DA RULES”…………


One Teen Staff Person

One Region Staff Person

One At-Large Teen

One Pacific Teen Panel Member

One CYS Coordinator



Thank you for your support!