The Killing Fields (Choeung Ek) and Tuol Sleng Prison
In an effort to roust North Vietnamese from Cambodia, the US military began secret B-52 carpet bombing in 1969 which killed 50,000 Cambodians.  Over the next quarter century the Khmer Rouge, with some aid by the US, slaughtered 1.7 million more Cambodians, 90% of the country's educated population.  As ammunition was scarce, most were bludgeoned to death.  All in a country the size of Missouri.  No NATO force intervened.

Today (June, 1999) the Khmer Rouge still exists and there's about 5 million live landmines in the country.  In 1999, still more then a hundred Cambodians a month are maimed or killed by landmines.  About one in three hundred Cambodians is an amputee.

Tuol Sleng has been dubbed the "Auschwitz on the Mekong".  Also know as Security Prison 21, its a former high school transformed into a detention and interrogations center. 

Great skull and bone collections
Killing Fields pit where hundreds were killed.  Light colored paths in back primarily paved with decomposed human bone and thousands of intact teeth.  Bones, jaws and skull fragments protrude form the soil everywhere.
 Sign at Tuol Sleng Prison
The Khmer Rouge photographed their victims before executing.
Nice Place
Former Khmer Rouge soldier sentenced as grounds keeper at Killing Fields
 Tuol Sleng Prison from outside.  Former high school. Mass graves located in school grounds.
Sign in Tuol Sleng
Torture bed and actual photo at Tuol Sleng.  Ammo box used as food tray
 The Killing Fields
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