Phnom Penh
Cambodia's Capital City

"Phnom Penh; uncontrolled intersections, open sewers, stagnant pools, scum and garbage strewn down side streets and vacant lots, amputee-beggers, squatters, prostitutes, lawlessness, blackouts.  Welcome to Cambodia.  In the rainy season the muck floats as the monsoon rains deluge the streets, while foreigners from aid groups show off their 4wds and cellular phones.

Phnom Penh is a mess.  Sanitary conditions are poor because of destroyed water and sewage facilities.  Up to 20% of all households do not have toilets.  When the first rains hit, the streets are flooded; the sewer system doesn't function, and there's no money to repair water pumping machinery.  Drains and sewers are clogged with garbage. There is a chronic lack of education facilities and teachers.

Forty five percent of Phnom Penh's population is under the age of 15, and there are roving bands of street kids, many from the provinces..."

Introduction to Phnom Penh from "Moon Travel Books - Cambodia".
Phnom Penh and ferry on Tonle Sap river
Phnom Penh from air

Wat (Buddhist Temple)

Wat and homes along the Tonle Bassac River

Phnom Penh's Pochentong Airport.  Reconstructed after 1997 coup

Boarding Bangkok Airway ATR-72 aircraft in Phnom Penh Airport


Women wash clothes at Phnom Penh riverside

Riverside hygiene


Homeless family

Children playing along Phnom Penh riverside

Pedicab passengers Carnival

Phnom Penh doctors office poster  illustrating ailments cured

Sign Delivery
Foreign Correspondants Club of Cambodia
Depicted in "Killing Fields" movie where Sydney Schanberg and Dith Pran watched Khmer Rouge approach city before retreating to French Embassy.  Confluence of the Tonle and Mekong rivers in background.
Entrace to Foreign Correspondants Club of Cambodia
Coffin Store
One of Phnom Penh's many "happy" eateries
Seamstresses and soldiers at Central Market
Central Market
Early morning Buddhist funeral procession
Svay Pak "house"
Live roosters on motobike
Blues Guitarist
Railway car
Vietnamese squatter village at edge of city
Street cleaner in market.  Many of Phnom Penh's streets are unpaved rubble and mud.  Destroyed by years of tank traffic.
Phnom Penh Railway Station
Gasoline vending
National Museum
Street vendors
Martini's Nightclub
Main Wat (Budhist temple) in Phnom Penh
Ganja Sales Executive
Phnom Penh evening attire - Vietnam era M60 (Rambo gun)
Highway sign
Used motobike parts at Russian Market
Pedicab passenger
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