The Mekong River and its tributaries the Tonle Bassac and Tonle Sap

Mekong from 30,000 feet - central Cambodia

Phnom Penh and Tonle Sap river mid-right, Mekong downstream upper left, 
Mekong upstream bottom left and bottom right,
Mekong island bottom center, Tonle Bai upper right

Riverside Bamboo Store

Hauling teak logs onto riverbank



Riverside Vietnamese squatters

Riverside Vietnamese squatters



Boat near Phnom Penh

Building a fish trap





Boat Woman

Woman washing at riverside


Near Phnom Penh



 Vietnam era US military boat in use by Cambodian Army

Boatman steering boat across middle of Mekong during monsoon rain



Riverside home - branches in water is fish trap

Child - (see The Children)


Riverboat child.  Boat is her home.

Hom; friend, interpretor and Mekong guide.  Vietnamese.  
Family fled to Cambodia during war.  Father killed by US bombing.  
Mother and siblings killed by Khmer Rouge.   Mother buried 
her in rice patty mud as KR approached. 

Children playing in Tonle Bassac river

Fellow boaters



Boarding ship

 Mekong fisherman


 The Killing Fields
 The Mekong River
 The Villages
The Food
The Monks

Coastal Cambodia

Vietnam Border
The Children
Apocalypse Now
Phnom Penh


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