The Villages
Ratanakiri hilltribe village
Riverside Woman Phnomi Veal Renh Village
Ratanakiri village wine drinking festival
Intoxicated villager
Buddhist monk at wat
Major Cambodian highway that connects Phnom Penh to southwest part of country and Thailand border
Koh Dach silk weaving
Goat herder
Hilltribe adolescent homes.  Upon puberty, boys live in house style on left, girls in house style on right.  Homes are destroyed upon marriage.
Hill tribe villagers on roadway
 Rice patties reportedly abandon due to landmines
Ratanakiri villager
Ratanakiri villager
Village home
Village women crushing grain
Ox cart on Cambodia route 19
Shihounkville coastal village Rice Paddy
Kampot Women Rice Paddy and Village
Kin Svay village
Ox cart
 The Killing Fields
 The Mekong River
 The Villages
The Food
The Monks

Coastal Cambodia

Vietnam Border
The Children
Apocalypse Now
Phnom Penh


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