Cambodia's Coastal Region
Assorted Photographs

Sihanoukville Beach and Gulf of Thailand

Cambodia coastline and Gulf of Thailand,  background is Vietnam's Phu Quoc Island


Sihanoukville fishing boats prepare for day

Sihanoukville coastal homes


Coastal village at base of Elephant Mountains

Coastal village


 Bokor Palace, French built in 1922.  Heavily damaged during Vietnam / Khmer Rouge war in 1979.  Now in Bokor National Park

Bokor Palace


1922 Catholic church near Bokor Palace.   Last stronghold of Khmer Rouge until ousted by Vietnam Army after 3-month battle

Unnamed coastal village seen from Bokor Hilltop


Sihanoukville beach

Sihanoukville boat builders



Unidentifiable Naval vessel in Sihanoukville harbor, possibly Thai or Singaporean Cambodian Naval vessel.  Note front and upperdeck-mounted guns

Crab fisherman Small island off of Sihanoukville
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Coastal Cambodia

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